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60% NEA (non-examined assessment)

40% written listening exam





OCR’s GCSE in Music will provide a creative education in Music with an integrated approach to performing, composing and listening. Students are encouraged to be creative and to broaden their musical horizons and musical understanding. GCSE Music will enable students to explore performance and composition with a focus on their own instrument and genre choices and offer opportunities to explore new musical areas and skills. 


In GCSE Music students will develop performing skills, develop composing skills, extend and develop their musical experience and interests, recognise contrasting genres, styles and traditions of music and develop knowledge and understanding of music theory and music history.  Performing and composing accounts for 60% of the GCSE course, with the remaining 40% focussed on theory, history and listening.



Students will record two performances, one solo and one ensemble. These are each worth 15% of the final GCSE. 



Students will compose and record two compositions, one free choice and one set by the exam board. These are each worth 15% of the final GCSE. 


Listening Exam: 

Students will learn about a wide range of musical genres and styles, including history and theory of music, throughout Year 10 and 11. At the end of Year 11 students will sit a listening exam which will test their theoretical knowledge and understanding of the musical genres and styles that they have studied.


When studying GCSE Music we require students to have instrumental/vocal tuition.  These lessons can be with our teachers at Henry Beaufort School or done privately outside school.  We also encourage students to lead an active musical life and ask them to join in with extra-curricular activities in the music department at school.


Year 7 & 8

Throughout Year 7 and 8 students have two music lessons per fortnight. At the heart of these lessons is a strong emphasis on understanding music through performing, composing and listening. Students at The Henry Beaufort School develop their vocal and instrumental fluency, accuracy and expressiveness; and understand musical structures and styles. Students learn to perform, compose and identify the expressive use of musical dimensions through the study of a wide range of musical styles and genres, from Samba, African Music and Reggae to Blues and Jazz, to Dance Music and Film Music.



The Music department is supported by a full range of visiting instrumental teachers, providing tuition in strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, voice, piano and guitar. We pride ourselves on a thriving and exciting extra-curricular programme, including Jazz Band, Wind Band, Orchestra, two Choirs, Brass Ensemble and a Percussion Ensemble. 


GCSE Results 2023

91% of students achieved a Grade 4 or above.