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The Henry


At The Henry Beaufort School we are committed to working with parents as a partnership in the education of their children. Your first contact should be with the student’s Vertical Tutor.



AMIL - Mrs Miles

ABEA - Miss Bean

ABAR - Miss Bartlam

ASAU - Mrs Wybraniec (Wed, Thur, Fri) & Mrs Saunders (Mon, Tue)  

ASED - Mrs Seddon (Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri) 

Mrs McArthur (Mon)



BHPH - Mrs Humphrys (M, W, Th, F) 

Mrs Watson (Fri)

BASN – Ms Mason

BBRU - Ms Bruins

BZAK - Miss Zak

BWOO - Miss McGrath



LHAL - Mrs Hallett

LNAI - Mr Naisbit

LLEG - Mr Leggatt

LMCM - Mrs McMillan

LWLN - Miss Wilson



MSAN - Mr Sandercott

MCHA- Mrs Chalke

MSMY - Mr Smyth 

MFAR - Mr Farrell 

MHOA - Miss Hoadley



PWLS - Miss R Wilson

PBAL - Miss Balcombe

PFRA - Miss Fradley

PHIC - Ms Hickman

PHER - Ms Herbert 



RDRA - Mrs Drake

RHIL - Mrs Hill

RCOL - Miss Colebourn

RBRO - Mr Brown

RLAN - Mr Lane



WBUR - Miss Burbidge

WHRS – Mrs Arding

WBID - Miss Bidwell 

WMUR - Ms Murphy

WWEB - Mr Webber


Non-tutor teaching staff

Mrs Taggart, Head of Year 7

Mrs Briggs, Head of Year 8

Mr Coe, Head of Year 9

Mr Janes, Head of Year 10

Ms Harlan, Head of Year 11

Mrs Strevens, Teacher of the Deaf

Mrs Atkins, Associate Assistant Headteacher, Academic Leader of Science