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The Henry


At The Henry Beaufort School we are committed to working with parents as a partnership in the education of their children. Your first contact should be with the student’s Vertical Tutor.



07ABEA - Miss Bean

08ASED - Mrs Seddon (Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri) & Mr  Wilson  (Mon)

09AWYB - Mrs Wybraniec (Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri) &  

Mrs McArthur (Mon)

10AMIL - Mrs Miles

11AING (ABAR) -  Mrs Ingoe



07BHAR (BBRU) Mr James Harrison

08BMMA – Ms McMahon

09BMAC - Ms McNamara

10BKIN - Ms Kinch

11BHOC - Mrs Hock



07LMCM - Mrs McMillan

08LLEG - Mr Leggatt

09LHAL - Mrs Hallett

10LDON - Mr Donaldson

11LWLN - Miss Wilson (MFL)



07MRUS (MHOA) Mrs Russell

08MNEW - Mr Newman

09MCHA - Mrs

10MSMY - Mr Smyth (Mon, Tue, Fri) 

Mrs Watson (Wed, Thur)

11MSAN - Mr Sandercott  (Mon, Wed, Thur, fri) & Mrs Coombes (Tue)



07PHER (POFD) - Mrs Herbert

08PKNI (PBAL) - Miss knight & Miss Regan

09PGIB - Mrs Gibbs

10PHIC - Ms Hickman 

11PWLS - Miss R Wilson (Maths)



07RDEN (RING) Miss Denman

08RLAN - Mr Lane

09RBRO - Mr Brown

10RWEL (RCOL) Miss Welch

11RGOL - Mrs Golding



07 WBID - Miss Bidwell 

08WARD – Mrs Arding (Tue, Wed, Fri) & Mrs Naylor -Teece(Mon, Thur)

08WFAR - Mr Farrell

09WBUR - Miss Burbidge

10WWEB - Mr Webber

Mrs Gould (Mon)


Non-tutor teaching staff

Mr Janes, Head of Year 7

Mr Naisbitt, Head of Year 8

Mrs Taggart, Head of Year 9

Mrs Briggs, Head of Year 10

Mr Coe, Head of Year 11


Mrs Strevens, Teacher of the Deaf



Academic Subject Leaders

Mrs Atkins,  Academic Leader of Science / Computing

Miss Gist, Academic Leader of English

MIss Townsend, Academic Leader of Maths

Mr Smyth, Academic Leader of Maths 

Mr Leggatt, Academic Leader of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Bruins, Academic Leader of Humanities

Mrs Golding, Academic Leader of Technology

Miss Colebourn, Academic Leader of PE

Mrs Seddon, Academic Leader of Music

Mrs Miles, Academic leader of Drama

Mrs Wybraniec, Academic Leader of Art & Photography