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The Henry

Student Experience

We spoke to some of our Year 8 students about life at Henry Beaufort. Here's what they said:


"When I started at Henry Beaufort I found it reasonably easy to settle in as I knew that most of my friends from primary school were there too and even if I wasn’t with them, everyone was nice and wanted to make friends too. I went to after school clubs that I was interested in and hoped to meet people who shared the same interests as me. I am part of the girl’s football team and so far we have been very successful and I have also met some awesome people. I think Henry Beaufort has a very wide range of after school activities and great facilities to cater for most people’s interests. Also, I play the clarinet and really enjoy music in general. I have found that Henry Beaufort has a fantastic music department and I thoroughly enjoy my music lessons and being part of the concerts they put on. Also through music I have found other people who shared my interests."

By M


"I chose Henry Beaufort partly because of my sister but also because I found it easy to get around and liked the spaced out campus. I was the only person from my primary school to go to Henry Beaufort.  Even though I didn’t know anyone I found it easy to make friends on events like the Year 7 and 10 day. This day was all about teambuilding and getting used to the older students which helped with nerves. Now that I am in Year 8 I have been in many sports teams such as Netball, rounders and athletics. Being in these teams and going to extra curriculum activities has allowed me to meet people I never would have met otherwise. I never was that shy when I first came even if the only person I knew was my sister but I wouldn’t have the friends I have today without all the events the school has provided. I have also learnt the flute at Henry Beaufort which meant I could join one of the schools bands and go to many concerts. The shows that I have been part of makes me feel proud of my achievements."

By I


"I am currently coming to the end of Year 8, so because I have been at secondary school for almost two years, I am very used to Henry Beaufort life. When I was at the end of Primary School, I had a fair few worries and concerns about secondary school and there were a lot of things I didn’t know about. So the main purpose of my speech today is to tell all of you about some of those worries and about some of the things I didn’t know about secondary school, when I was in Year 5.

One of my main worries when I was in primary was that I thought it would be very easy to get lost. That seems to be quite a common concern, but at Henry Beaufort, it is honestly very difficult to get lost. The site itself is fairly small, and there are signs around everywhere telling you where the different blocks are. Each lesson is assigned to a block, so everything will all be in the same place. We also have planners, which are books that we collect stamps in for each lesson. In the back of the planners, there is a map of the school, which is also very helpful. Another worry I had was about making friends. I didn’t like the idea of not being with some of my close friends and being with a lot of new people. However, this is much easier than it sounds for a couple of reasons. We have vertical tutors, which is where our tutor (for morning and afternoon registration) has students from every year in it. This can be very helpful, because the older years will help to look after you and make sure you’re settling in well. Also they will make sure you have friends to hang out with at break and lunch. And as well, just remember that everybody is in the same boat, everybody will want to make friends, so this also makes the situation easier. The sport clubs are very popular and, especially in the summer term, there are lots of them. You can have the chance to be in a sport team and play in tournaments, or just go to the club weekly. We also have different learning clubs to go to that involve languages, extensions to the lessons and other clubs that you learn different things in. And finally, if you ever have any worries or concerns while you’re at school, all the teachers are there to help, and you can go and see anybody about any problems and they’ll provide you with a solution."

By T


"I remember being really excited about going to Henry Beaufort. Whilst I really loved my years at Kings Worthy Primary School I was eager to make the change.

Henry Beaufort did not disappoint! I still enjoy every lesson and the teachers are friendly, make their subjects fun and know how to get the best out of us. 

The worries that I had about going there proved to be false. I thought I would spend hours lost in endless corridors and dark corners but after the first week I knew it like I’d always been there. In any case the students and teachers can recognise a Year 7 and they are always happy to help.

The best thing about Henry Beaufort is the atmosphere – everyone seems happy and as far as friends go, some of the best people in your life, you are about to meet!

Personally my favourite subjects are English, Art, French and Humanities. This is mainly because of the way the teachers bring the subject to life.  We are always doing new and exciting things – especially in Art. It is great having whole department areas dedicated to the subject.

Outside of the curriculum I have really enjoyed playing sport for the school. Our football team won two Hampshire Cups and Miss Colebourn has been brilliant in making the PE department so successful and fun.

Basically my message is don’t worry. In my opinion, and I’m sure most others would agree, Henry Beaufort is a great place to be and I have always felt safe, happy and I have learnt a lot already in my two years,  with a lot more to come I’m sure."

By P


"Going form Primary School can be daunting, but trust me, it’s not as scary as you think. There are so many clubs to keep you busy, with sports like football, rounders, tennis, badminton and cricket.  Don’t forget tag rugby goes to full on contact rugby in just Year 7.  There is also a languages programme where you can go abroad in any year you are in HB.  You can get an exchange student staying with you or you can be one yourself.  You can do photography or textiles club.  There are plenty of musical instruments for you to play as well, such as flute, guitar, drums, violin and many more.  Drama productions are also very exciting.  There has to be something there that you like.  And if not, try something new, Henry Beaufort can open many doors for you.  As long as you believe, you can achieve. "

By A


"Before I started at the school, one of the biggest worries I had was how I would get used to going from being the oldest in one school to being the youngest in a new school, but on the first day at Henry Beaufort, only the Year 7 and the Year 10 students were in school, which made it a lot easier for me to get used to the older students. Overall that start to the school year made me feel more comfortable walking around school throughout the year even though I was one of the youngest. Also, in every tutor group there are students from Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11. The vertical tutoring system that is used is very effective in creating bonds between the years and also meant that I had older students that I knew and could go to if I was lost or I needed help with something."

By E


"One of the things that attracted me to the school was the wide range of extra curricular activities offered to all students and also the range of activities so there’s always an opportunity to expand and develop your current skills.  I personally play in the rugby and football teams and have had opportunities to represent and even captain the team on occasions and now I am trying out cricket.  The school also has a stamp system which rewards good behaviour rather than punishing just bad and this helps to keep students motivated. These count towards exciting opportunities at the end of the year called enrichment week. These activities are varied and exciting.  There is something for everyone.  Also a common worry for students is making new friends but this is easy at Henry Beaufort as there are many opportunities to find friends with activities at the start of Year 7 tailored for just that."

By H