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Revision Guides

Please find a list of revision guides that would be useful to support your child during their GCSE studies.

Some departments may make reference to these during lessons, clinics and other revision.


It is not a requirement to have all of them but please select the most appropriate guide for your child. If you have any queries please contact your child’s class teacher.


We can order these in bulk to provide the best price at approximately 50% of most bookstores. Please logon to your Scopay account to purchase these. Please click here to access Scopay. If you do not have a Scopay account please contact the Finance Department who will be ble to assist you.


For students who are in receipt of Free School Meals please see your class teacher to see how the school can support your child with these purchases.


Please note further subjects will be added to this list so please check back.



Revision Guide

Ideal to purchase in year 10


Revision guide similar to above with additional practice questions in hardcopy and an online version.

Ideal to purchase instead of the green guide above in year 10 or during year 11 to further develop their knowledge.


A smaller revision guide that will complement the main revision guide and offer different revision strategies.

Ideal to purchase during year 11 in the build up to their summer revision.


Exam Practice

Ideal to purchase for the duration of the GCSE course.



English Literature



Revision Guide

(Literature set text: Shakespeare play)

Ideal to purchase from year 9 (studied in Summer term) £3.15

Lord of the Flies

Revision Guide

(Literature set text: Modern text)

Purchase from year 9 (studied in Spring term) £3.15
Jekyll and Hyde Revision Guide (Literature set text: 19th Century text) Purchase from year 10 (studied in Autumn term) £3.15
A Christmas Carol Revision Guide (Literature set text: 19th century text- for students NOT studying ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ For Year 11 only (Students NOT studying ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ £3.15

Poetry Anthology Revision Guide

(Literature set text: Poetry cluster ‘Power and Conflict’)

Purchase from year 10 (studied in Summer term) £3.15


English Language


English Language:

Reading section revision (Practice questions on Q1-4 in both paper 1&2)

Purchase from Year 10 £1.00
English language: Writing section (Practice questions on Q1-4 in both paper 1&2) Purchase from Year 10 £1.00

SPAG Dictionary

(a dictionary to help support students with their knowledge and understanding of regular and irregular spellings, punctuation and grammar)

Purchase from year 7 upwards £5.50


GCSE Music OCR GCSE Music OCR Complete Revision & Practice (with Audio CD) = for the Grade 9-1 course Purchase from Year 10 £7.75