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The Henry

Use of facilities during adverse weather

AGP Closure due to snow or frost

It has been a common mistake by manufacturers and advertisers to promote artificial pitches across the country as 'all weather'.

Some people do not understand why a little snowfall can cause closure; we hope that the following will make things a little clearer.

When temperatures drop significantly, but there is no rain or snow fall, the pitch remains playable most of the time because frost does not have a detrimental effect on the surface, even though underneath the turf everything is frozen too.

Underneath the surface there is an array of different materials which have been used to create the playing surface we now have, including sand, concrete and rubber.  When snow falls the low core temperature of the turf and the insulating effect of the infill means that the snow cannot melt unless there is a dramatic change in temperature.

As much as we would like to get back open as quickly as possible, we cannot risk damaging the surface. Maintenance guidelines say it is impossible to remove any ice or snow from the artificial surface without damaging it, as the ice and snow sticks to the turf and infill, as well as being dangerous to play on from a slip hazard. It traps the fibres and risks them being permanently damaged or broken.

We do not take the decision to close lightly and have sought advice from a number of different maintenance suppliers and agencies to discuss ways we can solve the problem. As frustrating as it may sound, the best solution is to simply let it melt.

We will continue to look for safe and effective solutions to this problem.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience and understanding when the situation affects your booking.