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The Henry

How do I become a governor?

Are you looking for new governors?

We are often looking for new governors. Please contact us to find out if there are any current vacancies, or to register your interest for the future.


Who are you looking for?

We have always aimed for a close partnership with parents and members of the community. This undoubtedly brings great benefits to the students. One of the most significant ways you can help in promoting this aim is to volunteer to be a governor. Governors should have a wide experience of the outside world, an independent view, and should focus on long-term development and improvement. See what our governors do to help decide if it's for you.


How do I apply to be a governor?

The process to appoint a governor depends on the type of governor.

Parent governors are elected by parents. Parent governors are elected by parents. This process is explained in our Parent Governor Recruitment document.

Co-opted governors are appointed by the governing body. Please complete the application form and send using the details on our Contact Us page.