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History Club News

Currently, Henry Beaufort’s Year 7 history classes have been making some beautiful Motte and Bailey castles. These castles represent how William the Conqueror took control of the county after defeating Harold Godwinson in 1066.

As well as that, the Year 8s at the school have been making some brilliant World War One trenches. Many were amazingly historically accurate and included many little, realistic details such as artificial barbed wire, sandbags and duck boards. This reminds us of the terrible conditions suffered by soldiers.

In the school’s History and Archaeology club, we have recently submitted our PowerPoint for the Hampshire Archives local history competition. We decided to make it about the Sparsholt Roman Villa, specifically about its mosaic. Currently, we are making some fun and often weird history-themed board games like a spin on top trumps and monopoly.


This was written by the History Club.