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The Henry

Student Council

At The Henry Beaufort School we are keen for our students to take pride in the school through a strong Student Council. These students are nominated by their peers to be ambassadors for the school in order to stimulate positive changes on behalf of the student body.

The Student Council meet to discuss the latest matters arising and action points are raised to staff, students and parents alike. The Student Council are also involved in developing like-minded ambassadors in our feeder primary schools where we support their development as leaders in their own schools. Being part of the Student Council is an excellent opportunity to engage into the wider ethos of the school and gain exposure to additional attributes beneficial for the future. Each year group has four representatives for the year, their status is key to our continued ambition for all students to be happy at The Henry Beaufort School.

The Student Council meet each Wednesday Week A in L1.

If you are interested in becoming part of the The Henry Beaufort School Student Council, please put yourself forward to your Head of Year.