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The Henry








3 terminal examination papers

(1 non-calculator, 

2 calculator)





The subject content of the syllabus relates directly to the programme of study for Years 10 and 11 of the National Curriculum. 


The Mathematics course covers five different strands; Number, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Ratio. Students will study a variety of topics in each of these strands as appropriate for their tier of entry which will be examined at the end of the course.



Paper 1: Non-Calculator

Paper 2: Calculator

Paper 3: Calculator


Students will be entered for either the Higher or Foundation tier paper depending on the most suitable route for the student.


All three papers will assess students’ ability to solve a variety of mathematical problems, both in familiar and unfamiliar contexts.  


Students will be required to show their calculations clearly and present coherent explanations and justifications of their solutions. 


At The Henry Beaufort School, our aims are to:
• Help all students to meet the mathematical demands of life, both now and in the future
• Provide all students with the opportunity to build a sound basis for further mathematical study
• Help all students develop confidence in their own mathematical ability and   reach their full potential 
• Provide all students with the opportunity to gain enjoyment and satisfaction from the subject in its own right

All students work on the Key Stage 4 curriculum from Year 9.  The curriculum is completed by the end of Year 10, leaving Year 11 for revision and exam technique


All students cover the Key Stage 3 curriculum during Years 7 and 8.  Students are taught in mixed ability teaching groups for the first few weeks of Year 7.  They are then set by ability.  Decisions are based upon information from feeder schools, Key Stage 2 data, baseline assessments completed in lessons and our own professional judgements.