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The Henry


All staff at The Henry Beaufort School are trained in teaching and working with Hearing Impaired students.

Teachers of our students receive copies of Individual Education Plans, strategies for use with our students, training in Deaf Awareness and Communication, and use of equipment.

We communicate with teaching staff about current and future Schemes of Work to enable pre-tutoring and reinforcement of unfamiliar vocabulary and concepts.

This helps to increase our students’ confidence to actively participate in mainstream lessons.


Parents / Carers

The Centre recognises the importance of two way communication between school and home.

Communication can be either, formal through Annual Reviews, parents’ evenings, one to one review days and letters, or informal through the use of home-school books, emails or telephone. Additionally parents are welcome to make an appointment with the Teacher of the Deaf at any time throughout the year.


Outside Agencies

We have close connections with, and receive regular visits from a variety of outside agencies. These include a Speech and Language Therapist, USAIS (University of Southampton Auditory Implant service), careers advisors, representatives from equipment providers, audiologists and Educational Psychologists.


We also have provided opportunities for pupils to have access to other outside agencies linked to deaf awareness, such as Deaf@x and specialist departments from emergencies agencies (e.g. The Police Link Officers for Deaf People.) This is for pupils’ safety and continuing social development, both within and outside of the school environment.


Primary Schools and 6th Form Colleges

We recognise that a smooth transition from primary education is vital to a fulfilling secondary school experience. Therefore, students are welcome to visit the Centre in addition to the usual Year 5 Taster Day and Year 6 Intake Days. Opportunities are provided for communication with our current students.

The Teacher of the Deaf also visits the primary schools to assess students in their current educational setting.

In Years 10 to 11 students view options for Post 16 education. Once they have decided where they are going, the Teacher of the Deaf will liaise and visit the college to discuss students’ requirements. The student will also receive tutoring to familiarise them with social issues surrounding the transition, such as transport links.