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The Henry

Health and Social Care







25% Examination

75% Coursework  (3 pieces) 


Distinction - Pass


This Cambridge National Certificate (CNC) is the equivalent of a GCSE and comprises of an examination at the end of Year 10, alongside three pieces of coursework throughout Year 10 & 11.


The topics covered in the course are:


Unit 1: Written paper - Essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings (25%)

Understand how to support individuals to maintain their rights

Understand the importance of the values of care and how they are applied

Understand how legislation impacts on care settings

Understand how personal hygiene, safety and security measures protect individuals


Unit 2: Communicating and working with individuals in health, social care and early years settings  (25%)

Understand how to communicate effectively

Understand the personal qualities that contribute to effective care

Be able to communicate effectively within a health, social care and early years setting


Unit 3: Using basic first aid procedures (25%)

Be able to assess scenes of accidents to identify risks and continuing dangers

Understand the first aid procedures for a range of injuries

Be able to apply basic first aid procedures


Unit 4: Understanding the nutrients needed for good health (25%)

Know the dietary needs of individuals in each life stage

Be able to create dietary plans for specific dietary needs

Be able to produce nutritional meals for specific dietary requirements