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The Henry

Contacting your child's tutor or teacher

At The Henry Beaufort School we want to work with parents in the education of their children. Therefore, your first contact should be with the student's Vertical Tutor. Please find a list of contact email addresses below.


For teaching staff who are not tutors, please scroll to the bottom of the page.



AMIL - Ms Miles -

ABEA - Miss Bean

ABAR - Miss Bartlam

ASAU - Mrs Wybraniec (T, W, Th, F) & Miss Colebourn (M)

ASED - Mrs Seddon (M, T, W, Th) Miss Colebourn (F)



BHPH - Mrs Humphrys (M, T, W, Th) Mr Kinder (F)

BASN - Ms Assinder

BBRU - Ms Bruins

BTUC - Mr Tucker

BWOO - Ms Wooley



LHAL - Mrs Y Hallett

LMCA - MOD (M, Fri B), MCA (T, W, Th), RAW (Fri A)

LLEG - Mr Leggatt

LMCM - Mrs McMillan

LWLN - Miss Wilson



MSAN - Mr Sandercott

MTOW - Miss Townsend & Mr Magee

MSMY - Mr Smyth

MMCB - Mr McBride

MHOA - Miss Hoadley



PBRI - Mrs Brisbane (M, T, F) Miss Elsdon (W, Th)

PBAL - Miss Balcombe

PGIS - Miss Gist

PNAI - Mr Naisbitt

PHIC - Ms Hickman

PHER - Ms Herbert



RDRA - Mrs Drake

RHIL - Mrs Hill

RGOU - Miss Gould

RROE - Mr Roemer

RLAN - Mr Lane



WATK - Mrs Atkins

WBAK - Miss Baker

WBID - Miss Bidwell

WMUR - Ms Murphy

WWEB - Mr Webber


Non-tutor teaching staff

Mr Coe, Head of Year

Ms Coley, Teacher of Drama

Ms Harlan, Head of Year

Mrs Humphrys, Teacher of Maths

Mr Janes, Head of Year

Miss Rawson, Head of Year

Mrs Redican, Teacher of Transition/Skills Base

Mrs Strevens, Teacher of the Deaf

Mrs Taggart, Head of Year 10