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The Henry

Business Studies








Two 1:30 hour exams





This course is designed for students  who want to learn skills for running a business, such as managing money, advertising and employing staff. 

It is a three-year course that is broken down into two themes:

  • Theme 1 Investigating small business
  • Theme 2 Building a business


  • Business Studies will allow students to gain a greater understanding of how organisations operate.
  • Students will also develop their numeracy skills in Business Studies as they study investment, funding and how to use and interpret financial data.
  • Business Studies also forces students to be organised and to plan ahead. Learning how to generate marketable ideas, access resources and develop business plans all require a great deal of organisation.
  • Problem solving is a significant part of Business Studies.   Students will become very good at coming up with elegant and logical solutions to problems which employers, of course, love.
  • Presentation skills are really important so Business Studies will allow students to develop them which in turn improves their oral communication, diction and confidence.
  • As you can see, Business Studies is a useful, practical and fascinating subject that many students will enjoy and benefit from.