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The Henry

Hello from Henry B – Edition 2

1st April 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope the work for Week 2 is going well, and you are remembering to keep up some form of physical activity as well as sitting at the computer. We have been trying the Joe Wicks 9am workout for those of us in school.

We will not be expecting you to do school work over the official  two-week holiday period, but we have put together some things you may want to try.

Mrs Golding has posted another couple of recipes for you and Mrs Briggs and Mrs Ireland have set you some new reading challenges that you will find in the Working from Home folders.

There is also a new file under the hbX file, called ‘ Ideas for Parents’ with links to activities on the internet that Mr Applin has found but he would like parents to check them for age appropriateness before they are accessed. Many education companies are giving schools free access to material, but please do make sure you are happy for these to be used by your child.

Coming soon a ‘Book of the Week’ from Mrs Ireland.

Once the official two weeks holiday end we will have new resources online for you that will take you through to May half-term.


I know that Year 10 will be concerned about the impact on their GCSE ‘s next year. I spoke to our MP, Steve Brine, at the start of this situation and I have received an email from him stating that our concerns that a fair system should also apply next year have been passed on.  Please do not worry Year 10,  we will all work together to make sure that next year is a successful and rewarding one for you.

A message from Mrs Scott

Keep Yourself Safe Online – Start a Conversation

As we are all adjusting to working from home and our internet usage is increasing dramatically, I wanted to signpost you again to some useful information and support about keeping ourselves safe online.

Children can access appropriate practical support from the following websites:

Parents and carers can access support and information to keep their children safe online from the following websites:

If you have not spoken to your child about their online safety recently then please use this email as a prompt to start a conversation with your child. A particular point to discuss is the emergence of some new and popular websites and apps like TicTok, Houseparty and Zoom. Please ensure that your children are aware of how to keep themselves safe when using these.

You will find some useful guidance and posters from National Online Safety in the work at home area.


A message from Mrs Lewis

CAMHS have been developing a Coronavirus help page on their website for young people, parents, carers and professionals

It is jammed full of resources particularly in relation to mental and emotional health and how to cope at the moment.

They are also posting a huge amount on their face-book page; Hampshire CAMHS Innovation and Events, So please do check this out.

We hope this will be helpful to support you all in these testing times.

Please see Link

So how are those hbX challenges going? Some of you have sent in photos of you undertaking these, and they look great! I have tried a few hbX challenges of my own this last week.  I have learnt how to conference call on an I-phone, but I am still struggling to change the clock in my car to British Summer Time. So far I have managed to accidently turn the miles per hour to kilometres per hour [not a clue what I have done!]

Taking advice from  ‘The One Show’  I attempted to cut my fringe. I am sure the lopsided look will catch on eventually….

I am sure your hbX challenges are turning out to be much more successful!

In the meantime take care of yourselves and I will be in touch again next week.

With my best wishes,

Miss Hearle