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The Henry

Section 8 Ofsted Inspection March 2023

PRESS RELEASE – DATE – 13th June 2023


Section 8 Ofsted Inspection March 2023


The Henry Beaufort school continues to be a ‘good’ school.

The school’s high expectations for students remains a constant thread from its previous inspection report in 2017 and students are ‘happy and proud of their achievements’.


Sue Hearle, Headteacher stated;

‘‘I am pleased that the Inspector has recognised that our curriculum is broad and provides interest for all of our young people. Our five-year curriculum is acknowledged as a strength and learning is supported by the expertise of our teachers.

The work the school has undertaken to secure high-quality provision for personal development is also recognised including our ‘high quality’ careers guidance.’’


The school has two action points:

  1. Curriculum Mapping.  Students have a curriculum map in their exercise books that details the five-year learning journey for each subject they study.

The focus for the action point is to increase the detail in the curriculum maps.

  1. Ofsted consider the Ebacc GCSE subjects as the most ambitious GCSE pathway for young people.  The Ebacc [the study of english, maths, science, history or geography and a language] is not a qualification and does not impact on entry to any university.   Although the school’s Ebbac entry is 2% above the national average it does not meet the government target.

The school is to encourage more students to take a modern foreign language to GCSE level. 


Sue Hearle stated ‘Ofsted have recognised that we are an inclusive school, and that our inclusivity goes well beyond our significant academic success. Our ethos is centred on preparing our young people for the complexities, the challenges, and the excitement of opportunities beyond the school gate.

We are committed to continuing that journey, sustaining what we already do well, rising to the challenge of strategic improvement and continuing to be an important and successful presence in our local and wider community.’