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The Henry

The 5 Year Curriculum Plan

We pride ourselves on providing opportunities for every student to follow a broad and balanced curriculum. Our curriculum narrative is based around our teaching of key concepts, prioritising depth over breadth and ensuring knowledge and understanding is gained in each subject, at each stage. Our core curriculum of maths English and science, is complemented by the study of a possible 20 different options subjects, of which students in Year 8 choose four to study to GCSE level. This range of choices ensures that there are opportunities for all; we are ambitious for our most able students to study the most challenging academic subjects whilst we are keen to provide more vocational routes for those students requiring additional support. We know that success comes from enjoyment and engagement. Our curriculum aims to give our students the experience they need in order to access the next stage of their education, and realise their potential.

All subjects have a “Learning Journey” which can be accessed in more depth by looking in each subject area on our website.