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Revision & Exam Zone

A list of relevant revision links and clinic times for Year 11 students

A downloadable copy of the school's Revision Booklet and Revision Session Timetable is available at the bottom of this page in PDF format. Please scroll down and click to open/save.



General Revision


GCSE Business and Communication Systems (AQA)


GCSE Computing (OCR)​​​


GCSE Design & Technology (OCR)




GCSE English (AQA)


English Language:


PAST PAPERS - Complete English Language past papers, using the link below. Self-assess, using the mark scheme:


BBC BITESIZE: Complete activities at


English Literature:

BBC BITESIZE: Complete activities relevant to the texts you have studied at:

PAST PAPERS - Complete English Literature past papers, using the link below. Self-assess, using the mark scheme on the AQA website:

ONLINE CRITICISM SITES:  OR  (there are plenty of others available!)


GCSE Geography (OCR)

BBC Bitesize

OCR (past papers and marking schemes)


GCSE History (Edexcel)


GCSE Maths (Edexcel)

Use the 5-a-day page to have a go at different bits every day. Videos and questions on the new topics are at the bottom under ‘Additional Topics

This has all the topics, with videos to help, and exam questions, organised by grade

Sign up for a free account and you can track your scores. You can complete the papers online and it will mark it for you!


GCSE Media Studies (AQA)

TV News

Specification and General Info


GCSE Modern Foreign Languages (French/German/Spanish) (AQA)

A copy of the GCSE MFL Intervention information for parents can be found at the bottom of this page in PDF format.



Past papers via AQA website, listed under subject


GCSE Music (OCR)



All Topics

Health, Fitness and Training

Anatomy and Physiology

Factors affecting Performance


Exam specification for GCSE PE AQA


GCSE RE (Edexcel)

Link to relevant book available for purchase

An introduction to Islam


GCSE Science (Edexcel)

CLINIC - Every Wednesday in Lab 7, after school for one hour, all sciences covered.

Core Science (triple and retakes only)

Additional Science units (double and triple only)

Extension Science (triple only)


GCSE Textiles (OCR)