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The Henry


We are proud to announce we are the first school in England to have a FairTrade uniform which bears the FairTrade logo.

As part of the school’s drive to become a FairTrade School, our students wear polo shirts and PE t-shirts which are ethically sourced through a uniform supplier called Koolskools. The FairTrade logo is displayed on the sleeve. Based in Southampton, Koolskools work with a factory in Mauritius, which produces FairTrade products. In order for a clothing product to be considered FairTrade, it must include at least 50% FairTrade cotton. Koolschools state:

‘Fairness and quality is the Koolskools mantra: from the small-scale farmers in developing countries growing our Fairtrade certified cotton; through the mill and factory employees in those regions turning the cotton into finished garments; all the way to our service pledge to all of our customers buying and wearing our FairTrade certified cotton clothing’.

The initiative requires all FairTrade work in schools to be pupil led. Throughout the previous school year, the school’s Student Council has been driving the project. In order to achieve FairTrade status, the school must complete a number of activities and challenges. These include community events, fundraising and investigating alternative options for products the school purchases. The school reaches various levels of accreditation during the process, including FairAware, FairActive and FairAchiever. Headteacher, Miss Hearle, explains:

‘The initiative taken by our Whole School Student Council is to be commended. I am very proud of what they have achieved. The move to FairTrade uniform not only benefits our students but ensures that we as a school are supporting the principles of fair trade’.