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Meridian welcome Henry Beaufort student for work experience

We are delighted to bring news today of Year 9's Dani, and the motivation she demonstrated in recently completing a work experience period at local TV studio, Meridian. Dani has written about her experience, which we can share below:


I wanted to write this report of my amazing work experience. I am in Year 9 now, and really I should be going work experience next year. I really want to work in TV and radio, so I sat down one day and wrote to local TV and radio companies, to ask if I could do work experience next year. ITV Meridian wrote back and gave me an amazing opportunity this year. So, for two days I worked in the studio at Meridian in the May spring holidays.


I worked alongside the staff and followed them into meetings where I observed what they did on a daily basis. I was asked to pick a photograph from the picture library, that was then used on a news bulletin. I was also asked to sit in the News Reader's place, not recorded live, for a special news bulletin which they recorded for me onto a DVD to take home.


I met presenters Fred Dinenage and Sangeeta Bhabra - they were such lovely people. I had a fantastic two dys and enjoyed it very much.


Dani Gallimore, Year 9