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The Henry

Henry Beaufort Continues High Standards

Dear Parents

I am sure you are aware that currently there is much debate and discussion about the financial implications of cut backs in education and the pressures that are facing all schools in this current climate of austerity.

No school is immune from the impact of the current climate. However, I wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you that the high standards of provision at The Henry Beaufort School will be maintained.

The reduction in schools budgets is not a surprise. Leaders in education have been attempting to mitigate its impact for a number of years now. This has involved tough decisions, as well as a very thorough examination of how the school spends its money.

We have through the information available to the school from the Local Authority, accounted for the proposed pay awards to support staff and teaching staff in our budget planning. Therefore, I am delighted to inform you that because of the prudent management of the school budget, the school is currently in an exceptionally strong position financially.

We are fortunate to have a stable and experienced Senior Leadership and Support Staff team at The Henry Beaufort School who have worked hard to ensure that budget cutbacks do not have a negative impact on your child’s education. Our staffing numbers remains stable and I am proud to work with a staffing body committed to the progress and academic attainment of our students.

This means that at The Henry Beaufort School we will continue with

  • Our commitment to flexible class sizes that suit the need of students
  • Our dedicated school bus service for all of our students who require bus travel to school, ‘door to door’
  • Our commitment to a late bus service so that all students can be fully involved in the wide range of extra-curricular activities that take place after school
  • Our commitment to offer exciting residential trips to places such as New York, the WW1 Battlefields, Finland and Italy, as well as Ski trips and a whole year group camping experience

We are also working closely with the Local Authority on the school’s expansion plans and I am very excited by the opportunities that this will offer to all of our students. Currently, as well as general building plans to accommodate students from Kings Barton, we are looking at the provision of two new all-weather pitches at the bottom of the site.  The provisional plans also include opening up additional social areas for the children and these will be covered areas. Innovative teaching areas are being considered that will offer new and diverse learning environments for your children.

I am looking forward to sharing these plans with you once they have been finalised.

This will enhance the learning opportunities for all of our students in a school that is in seventh place [out of seventy schools] in the Hampshire Local Authority League tables and second in the League table for Winchester.

 I look forward to seeing you at your child’s Celebration Assembly at the end of term, if not before.

Thank you for your continuing support of our school.

Yours sincerely

Miss Hearle