An opportunity for Year 5 pupils to
experience a day at Secondary School

The Taster Day will comprise of a range of activities including lesson experiences, orientation tasks and meeting a number of our teachers

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  Congratulations to Year 11 on a wonderful Leaver’s Day

Miss Hearle’s presentation to Year 11 in the Leaver’s assembly

What makes an inspirational year group?

What qualities do they demonstrate, individually as well as a group?

To my mind this question can be answered by considering what difference their contribution makes to their school.

This can of course be in the form of official roles such as student mentors and student leaders. The commitment given to such roles, the responsibility they show when undertaking student hosting duties, talking to parents on open evenings or on guided tours of the school; noticing a younger student who looks lost or unhappy; having the courage to address something if they feel it is wrong.

I would hope that would be a standard part of the job description.

A year group becomes inspirational when these kinds of qualities are not restricted to those in positions of responsibility. It becomes inspirational when students who maybe don’t always get it right for themselves make sure that they get it right for others. There is no better example this year than the work carried out by a group of year 11’s in support of our Non uniform day last term in aid of the basics bank.

This is a year group who have looked after each other and in turn looked after you. They are a principled group of young people who believe strongly in a range of causes

This is a year group who have defended the honour of the school on and off the sports field, in music competitions and concerts, in drama productions that would not be out of place in the West End. Young people who value the work of their teachers and know how to say thank you.

Year 11, over the course of this year I have watched as you have made the transition from students of Henry Beaufort school to young adults looking forward to moving on to the next stage of your life. You have remained respectful towards the rules and regulations that accompany school life and accepted that these go with the job description of being an HB student.

I know that you will make a success of the next stage of your education because you have accepted these rules and regulations and learnt to show the necessary self –discipline that accompanies this acceptance.

It will be great to be at a college or at work and to have all that freedom but I know that you will take what you have learnt from HB and make sure that it shapes and structures your life at college and work so that you continue to grow as individuals whilst valuing your place within another setting whether that it in education, work or socially.

I thought of making a few jokes about skirt lengths and earphones but then I thought no, this is not the time, you deserve instead to hear the collective admiration of the school for the loyalty you have given to us over the past 5 years.

It is with sadness that we see you go because you will be missed but ultimately it is with pride that we send you on your way.

Not all of you will be award winners today, but all of you can leave today knowing that you have offered something unique to your school and in so doing you have been an inspiration.

Thank you

Miss Hearle


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